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Virtual Data Room Software with Preconfigured Workflows

The whole point of the data room is to provide a secure repository for the exchange of confidential information between different parties. The virtual data room does not have the necessary security protocols to host such documents, and therefore cannot be classified as a data room.

The Main Benefits of the Virtual Data Room Software with Preconfigured Workflows

Similarly, traveling to and from the physical location of the data room also requires money for transportation as well as room and board, especially if the PDR is out of town or even out of state. The costs are even higher if companies are involved in a cross-border merger and have to cross international lines to access data in physical data rooms. With the virtual data room, this is greatly reduced.

Many different types of companies can benefit from the use of VDR, such as:

  • Audit companies.
  • Mergers and acquisitions of companies.
  • Banking companies.
  • Businesses working with other companies and more.
  • Configurable data room lifetime and complete destruction of the documentation stored in it based on the generated policy.
  • The VDR technology allows you to create an online workspace that replaces the traditional conference room filled with boxes of documents.
  • VDR provides attorneys and legal staff with a way to share and control access to important documents to clients and other third parties

Data solution is another name for virtual data rooms, where such rooms are used for the remote conclusions of important business agreements between several parties. These agreements may relate to the closure of a merger or partnership agreement, the acquisition of real estate, and so on. The user is not required to install additional software, which greatly simplifies the use of the service and makes it convenient, simple, and understandable even for beginners. With us, you can quickly create a room virtually and start using it almost immediately and without time limits.

Why Is It Important to Find Potential Customers for Data Room Software?

Modern virtual classic rooms, which the service brings to your attention, are distinguished by convenience, practicality, and the ability to choose the optimal tariff plan that meets the tasks. Depending on the purpose, you can choose rates for training, marketing activities, or business tasks with Each online virtual room provided by the service can be immediately used to organize an event.

The range of potential customers should not be limited to individual industries, first of all, virtual data rooms are needed by financial companies, construction, and engineering organizations, law firms, as well as communication service providers and retailers. They often work with critical information and need the means to securely send documents to external counterparties or remote branch offices. Such customers require the ability to flexibly configure document access rights, manage their life cycle, and even protect them using DRM technologies.

Companies that work with critical information are in dire need of secure means of document delivery and control of data access rights for branches and external counterparties. Configure access rules for each document and folder you add to the data room. You can choose from eight levels of permissions: “Limited View”, “View”, “Download Encrypted File”, “Print”, “Download PDF”, “Download Original” and “Download”. Companies often face a situation where the working group needs to be granted access to data for a certain period and guaranteed to block (revoke) access to documents after the project is completed.