Welcome To The LTE Broadcast Alliance Website

Welcome To The LTE Broadcast Alliance Website

The LTE Broadcast momentum is growing. Through this website we will share business case successes, launch stories, and news about the overall market.



Expway is honored to help the LTE Broadcast Alliance support the development and adoption of LTE Broadcast by creating and hosting this new Web site. Through this vehicle, members of the LTE Broadcast ecosystem will share stories, business case successes, commercial launches updates, and news about the overall progress of this market.

LTE Broadcast is deemed as essential technology for a growing number of business cases. These include mission critical services like public safety, emergency alerts and connected cars where LTE Broadcast improves communications, security and save lives! Backhauling and offloading also benefit from LTE Broadcast for large software updates and last-mile CDN operations with reduced spectrum usage. However, incorporating LTE Broadcast to insure consistent QoS and reduce churn in video streaming services such as streaming to mobile, fixed wireless TV and virtual reality is receiving pressing attention.

This urgency is driven in part by our insatiable and growing appetite for OTT Videos. As we well know, more and more cable subscribers are cutting the cord. Forecasts show that by 2020, 82% of all IP data traffic will be Live Video and VOD. For this reason, new OTT services like DirecTV NOW, YouTube TV, Hulu Live TV and Verizon FiOS are emerging all over the world.

At the same time, many projects that were in trial phases are now on the verge of launching – further fueling the LTE Broadcast momentum. Case-in-point, we will be announcing soon the launch of one of the most ambitious LTE Broadcast projects yet. So stay tuned!

Claude Seyrat

Co-Founder & CMO,  Expway.